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PDI Pre-Delivery Inspection


What is a PDI?

A PDI is a Pre-Delivery Inspection. Quite simply it’s an assessment of a product and the process of making it the best it can be ready for it’s new owner. In our case that product is your new bike and we do our utmost to ensure that it’s spot on. Whether your buying a new or a used machine from Raw Power Motorcycles, it will undergo a rigorous, multi-point check over through our technical workshop.

Why do we carry out a PDI?

In this industry, safety is paramount. We put motorcycles out on the road everyday, most of which achieve speeds in excess of 100mph at the twist of the throttle. Having good tyre treads, brake pads, correct fluid levels and chain tension are just a few of the things that need to be properly set up.

What do you get?

As well as piece of mind and reassurance, you get a top to tail check resulting in correct adjustment, cleaning, or replacement if necessary of parts. After all quality checks have been carried out, your bike is then road tested by one of our qualified Technicians as a final check and to make sure it rides exactly as it should (this is why a brand new bike often comes with 1 or 2 miles on it).