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Chain & Sprocket Fitting


Even a well maintained chain that is frequently adjusted to exact manufacturer tolerances will wear out, and it will take the sprockets with it.

The chain stretches with miles, its rollers fit less snugly inside the sprocket’s teeth and cut into them, eventually turning each tooth into a pointed hook.

We can check your chain to see if it needs replacing, check for for wear and tight spots.

You should always replace the sprockets at the same time as the chain. Running a new chain on worn sprockets will cause rapid wear, leaving you needing to replace the chain again in very short order, so it’s a false economy to replace just the chain.

To have a new Chain & sprocket fitted or advice on the best chain kit to fit please contact us on 01432 850055

Whether or not your chain needs adjusting, we will keep it clean and well-lubricated. Most modern chains are o-ring types which use rubber components and are sensitive to certain solvents. We use an o-ring approved cleaning agent when spraying the chain and sprockets.

Chain tension is generally determined by the distance between the front and rear sprockets, and many bikes have index marks to help with alignment.

Bikes have differing chain adjustment mechanisms, and in general, the rear axle and wheel move forward or backward in order to set chain tension. Single-sided swingarms usually have an eccentric cam which sets the position of the rear axle; other more traditional designs feature hexagonal-headed inner nuts to move the axle and an outer one to lock and unlock it.

When chain tension is properly set, it should be able to move up and down between approximately .75 and 1 inch at its loosest point.