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Accident Repairs / Quotes


If you have been involved in an accident or would like an estimate to repair your motorcycle, then please complete the workshop booking form below with as much detail as possible and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours to discuss all your requirements.


Once your vehicle has been delivered to our premises, we will then compile a comprehensive computerised estimate.This will then be sent electronically, along with any digital images taken showing damaged and non damaged areas of your motorcycle, direct to you or your insurance company.


Once we have received authorisation we will liaise with suppliers and organise delivery of all parts required for the repair to your motorcycle, as agreed with you or your insurer.

Parts typically take 2–3 days to arrive but there is the possibility of some parts being on factory back order with the manufacturer which could take longer.


We will undertake the task of removing all the damaged parts from your motorcycle along with repairing any parts needed to undertake the repair. We will notify you of any further damage we find whilst dismantling the vehicle, and at this stage any additional hidden damaged parts can be ordered.


Once all of the above stages have been satisfactorily completed, a member of our team will contact you to arrange the return of your repaired motorcycle. Upon return we will ask you to sign a collection note to confirm you have received the vehicle back into your care

Keeping you informed

We will keep you informed of your vehicles progress throughout its repair, by telephone or email. For small repairs we would contact you at the beginning of and after the repair process. For longer repairs we would contact you once a week. Please advise us of your updating requirements. Because of the nature of your repair we are unable to give a precise date for completion.

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